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Ep. 9 - Family Favorites

Ep. 9 - Family Favorites

January 24, 2014

Let's play family favorites!

Leeta's question reads as follows: 2/ Question for you - If you had to pick 1 favourite pet from each Family to level for battling what ones would you choose?

Starting in 2 weeks, for episode 11, let's cover the mechanical pet family.

Submit your answers to: 

Can't wait to hear your replies!
Ep. 8 - Salty Sunflowers

Ep. 8 - Salty Sunflowers

January 17, 2014

In this episode:

Essential Add-On discussion
Battle Pet Breed ID
Auto Safari Hat
Pet Journal Enhanced

Collector's Corner with @Saltyslainte from the Bitter and Salty Podcast
The Singing Sunflower and more!

What do you do with your Flawless Battle Stones?
I talk about my general thought process, after a question on Twitter from @jeanbees

Ep. 7 - Duldrum Confessional, Confessional Duldrums

Ep. 7 - Duldrum Confessional, Confessional Duldrums

January 9, 2014

A different kind of episode. I ramble a bit about why I podcast, and why I will keep podcasting.

Enjoy! And thank you all so much for listening!